Wireless Communications, The Radio Industry

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With the recent surge in wireless communications, the radio industry has seen an increase in the number of different communication standards each requiring its own specific hardware and processing. Our project addresses the need for radio interoperability with these various standards through the development of hardware generators for a software defined radio (SDR) system. These hardware generators will be created using Chisel, a hardware construction language. When given a set of parameters or constraints, the hardware generators will automatically output circuit designs for the given application thereby accelerating the hardware design process and introducing a new method for multi-standard support. Specifically, our team will focus on the development of generators for the system’s beamforming and MIMO blocks. For this reporting period, our team was responsible for updating our previous CORDIC block for incorporation in the carrier frequency offset correction (CFO) block. To refresh, the CORDIC block is simply a set of hardware efficient algorithms capable of performing hyperbolic and trigonometric calculations without the use of a hardware multiplier. By avoiding use of hardware multipliers, the CORDIC architecture reduces the number of logic gates required to perform these trigonometric calculations thereby saving significant circuit power and area in exchange for less accuracy. The work breakdown for this task is depicted in the diagram below (see Figure 1). This task
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