Wireless Communications, Wireless, And Mobile Data Services Essay

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Wireless communication has emerged as its own discipline over the past decades.From cellular voice telephony to wireless internet and data services,data service has profoundly impacted our lifestyle.After a decade of exponential growth today wireless network is one of the largest industry in the world.
At the time of wirtting this close to 1 billoin people subscribe to cellular service,close to 200 billion gsm short message is exchanged every year.In response to this growth, a number of universities and educational institute have started research in this field and teaching programmes from which a number of engineers and scientist are re-educating themselves in this fields.
In my project I have traditionally selected the most comman voice oriented wireless communication along with geolocation gprs services,internet and mobile data services and IEEE 802.11 WLAN services.
My project also covers different generation of wireless networks,right from 1G services to 3G services which provides upto 2mbps speed on local area network.
Various voice oriented wireless communications are also covered up like the gsm or cdma services.
Most of the writing and language of my project are sourced from various text books along with various journels and research work available about this field on the internet.
I would like to express my deep appreciations to my mentor Ms.S.Yadav who have greatly helped me with this project.


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