Essay on Wireless Electricity

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Wireless Electricity Devry University Tech, Society, and Culture Professor February 24, 2013 Table of Contents I. Wireless Electricity: Explanation and History 3 II. Political and Legal Influences 10 III. Economic Questions and Considerations 16 IV. Wireless Technology with Today’s Culture 20 V. Ethical Implications of Wireless Power 26 VI. Environmental Impact 30 VII. Bibliography 33 ABSTRACT: Wireless electricity is not a new idea, but it has recently become revitalized. This paper looks at the different facets of this invigorated technology. First, it talks about what wireless electricity is and the…show more content…
Where does one even begin to go to recharge or plug in their device? Picture being in the home of your dreams, do you want the position and placements of electrical wall outlets to tell you where your furniture or appliances are going to go? It is these simple yet important common occurrences that one considers when trying to simplify their lifestyle. With a more widespread use of wireless electricity, these common concerns are almost completely nullified. On a larger scale, just imagine being able to drive electric cars without ever having the need to stop and plug it in. Advancements in this sort of wireless power will eliminate having to ever consider where is the nearest recharging station. As time goes on, this wireless electricity will only become more refined and widely used and what once was a pipe dream-turned-small scale probability will soon become a widespread reality. Wireless electricity is a technology that will surely change the future the more it is implemented into our daily lives. “Wireless charging is already available for low-power applications (up to 5 Watts), suitable for mobile phones and other devices. However, medium- and high-power applications are also being developed, and in the future your kitchen appliances
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