Wireless Environmental Parameters Monitoring And Sms Alert System

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Wireless Environmental Parameters Monitoring and SMS alert system

Abstract—Traditional environmental parameter monitoring system are either wired or those which are wireless and has less power consumption are for short range, and if they have long range capability then they consume a lot of power and are expensive. This paper has investigated in building a long range, low power and cheap wireless parameter monitoring system with functionality to send alert to the operator on increase of any parameter beyond a predefined limit.
I. Introduction
Monitoring physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. of process plant is important to continuously know the health of plant. Presently the various process parameters are monitored using conventional smart transmitters, transducers, etc. They need wiring, which not only increases cost of transfer of signal but also their reliability decreases due to physical interconnections, attenuation to the signal and general system becomes complex. Even in the presently available wireless system, they are either available for small range or are high power consuming if available for longer ranges and are very expensive. In order to overcome these problems, the author has suggested a distributed wireless environment to monitor the parameters of interest and send SMS alert to the operator in case of any predefined abnormality. The author has attempted to design and implement open architecture low cost medium range

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