Wireless Human Area Network

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We are heading towards an electronic future(era of electronics) where information will be accessible at our fingertips, wherever and whenever wanted. Some of the communication and computing equipment required to provide this immediate and intimate access to information will be incorporated into our fit out. Just as a glance at present day’s wristwatch saves a trip time to the nearby clock, a glance at future’s wristwatch will replace finding a terminal to check e-mail.. A Human Area Network (HAN), also referred to as a wireless human area network (WHAN) or a body sensor network (BSN), is a wireless network of wearable computing devices. In particular, the wireless network comprises of several miniaturized Body Sensor Units (BSUs) together with a single Body Central Unit (BCU). The development of WHAN technology started around 1995 around the idea of using wireless personal area network (WPAN) technologies to implement communications near, on, and around the human body. About seven years later, the term "HAN" came into existence to refer systems where communication is entirely on, within, and in the immediate presence of a human body. A WHAN system can use WPAN wireless network technologies as gateways to reach longer network ranges. Human Area Networking (HAN) is a technology that safely and securely turns the surface of the human body into a data transmission path by using minute electric fields generated on surface of human body at speeds up to 10 Mbps between any
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