Wireless Network Security : Abstract

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Wireless Network Security

This is the study over the wireless network security. As the wireless communication has the different way of physical transport compared to wire environment of communication thus we have to use different measure to secure a network in wireless environment. Wireless networking has more security threats and vulnerabilities and we must have an effective management of it compare with wired technology which is more a management issue.
Wireless networking has very important features as it offer firm and user’s flexibility, and portability with in the budget. It allow the users to get access to the network without the physical wired tied between them. It uses high frequency radio waves to communicate between devices.


Wireless network has extended their user satisfaction capabilities as it is developing rapidly. It is open within the transmission range. To become the user choice of communication the wireless technology is successful because of its flexibility and easy to excess at any time anywhere by using their hand device. In wireless network it is difficult to limit the range of the radio transmission. Wireless network is unknown about the connected network the user can only view of the network from associated Access point. As there is more
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