Wireless Network Security

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Reis Barrie
Research Paper
Wireless Vulnerabilities

The world of wireless networks as we all know is one of the most rapidly growing areas in our world today. With the massive amount of data that is going on, “the cloud” the security of all of our data is questioned. As well with so many of our day to day tasks relying on our wireless capabilities it make you wonder how safe is it to rely so heavily on something. We have to ask the questions what are the key vulnerabilities of wireless networks and even just of networks in general. Different types of networks have different levels of safety and it is a good idea to know not only which are safe but the vulnerabilities of said networks to keep our information out of the
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As well as PlayStation we the same group hit another gaming community named Blizzard and launched many DDoS attacks taking down their online gaming servers for hours at a time over the period of a few days. The group that took responsibility was called LizardSquad, they have also been known to target a website called KrebsonSecurity[dot]com. On KrebsonSecurty they have proof of people from the LizardSquad organization trying to find new “hackers” which is a debatable term for someone that DDoS’s considering DDoS’ing requires virtually no skill, and asking for them applicants to take down one of two sites. If they could accomplish this task then they could join the LizardSquad group of “hackers” or as KrebsonSecurity calls them, “a gaggle of young misfits that has long tried to silence this web site.” Another example of DDoS is a more drastic when the hacktivist anonymous used DDoS attacks in 2006 and 2007 to cost Hal Turner and his radio show that some considered to be politically incorrect thousands of dollars in bandwidth bills that his radio show eventually went under. Hal Turner eventually attempted to sue the hacking group but the suit was soon dropped by the courts. Another growing section of wireless technologies is Bluetooth. Every day a new Bluetooth device is released, these devices are security nightmares for the most part. Bluetooth has been proves to have
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