Wireless Network Topology Essay

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Design of Wireless Networking Topologies

The WSN infrastructures can be designed in a variety of ways to address different priorities and make the appropriate technology trade-offs based on the requirements of the certain application. There are number of interrelated design variables associated with wireless sensor networking.

Fig. 7. Wireless Networking Topologies [10]

The three flexible topologies for network construction are star, tree and mesh respectively, illustrated in Figure 7. All three topologies consist WSN gateways, end nodes and routers. There are other topologies, such as ring, line, bus, fully connected and star-mesh hybrid networks. Thus, each WSN topology presents its own set of challenges, advantages and
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The nodes of bus topology are replaced with standalone star topology networks. This results in both disadvantages of bus topology and advantages of star topology as well. For example, if the connection between two groups of networks is broken down due to cutting of the connection on the central linear core, then those two groups cannot communicate, much like nodes of a bus topology. However, the star topology nodes will effectively communicate with each other. This structure is arranged in a hierarchical form and any intermediate node can have any number of the child nodes. 2. Mesh Topology – This special topology is multi-hopping systems in which all WSN nodes are identical, namely they are all routers and communicate with each other to hop data to and from the sensor nodes and the gateway.

Figure 8. WSN Communication Infrastructure [1]

Unlike the star architecture where the nodes can only talk to the gateway, the nodes in a mesh topology can also hop messages among other router nodes. The propagation of sensor data through the mesh allows a sensor network to be extended, in theory to an unlimited range. Besides, a mesh network is also highly fault tolerant since each sensor node has multiple paths back to the gateway and to other nodes. If a node fails, the network will reconfigure itself around the failed node automatically. Depending on the number of nodes
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