Wireless Networks

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2. Discussion Question 1  Resource: Ch. 3 of CWNA Guide to Wireless LANs  Due Date: Day 2 [ Main forum]  Complete Case Project 3-5 on p. 112 of the text.  Post your response to the following: Imagine you are the network administrator of aWLAN. Give an example of how knowing the 10’s and 3’s Rules of RF Math can helpyou on the job. Include your answers to Case Project 3-5 in your response. Show your work The 10’s and 3’s rule are supposed to assist the network manager find the quantity of energy that is either received or lost in a wireless transmission. Different resources of RF interference may cause various stages of loss and gain. Therefore it is essential for one to understand the dB measurement to assist…show more content…
You are sacrificing a more spread out coverage area for the ability to shoot a narrow RF beam over a greater difference, lending more stability and higher possible speeds to your WLAN. Week2: Relationship Characteristics Checkpoint I have a friend that I have know for about three years and I have a close relationship with them. It is not an intimate relationship but just a loving friendship. We both have a mutual respect for each other based on that we both are married to someone else. The knowledge here is mutual respect based on reciprocal self-disclosure. I think this person knows more about me than anyone. I share everything with them about my marriage life. Over the years has proven to be a very trusting relationship with them. There is no assumption of harm that will be done and I feel a sense of safety. This builds my confidence in our relationship and I’m sure that they feel the same. Mutual trust is very vital in a relationship. When we open up to people we make ourselves vulnerable. I have a good trusting relationship here with them and we respect each other. Our genuine concern for each other has helped us both in developing a very caring relationship. Our on-going monitoring has played its part, especially at times where I was confused and hurt about my primary
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