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WIRELESS NETWORKS Wireless networks have become a major part in the operation of businesses and in people’s lives. Wireless networks can provide fast speed internet connections without having to use wired connections. Businesses are doing much better with wireless networks because they don’t have to pay the costs of installing wired networks and people can work easier because they do not have wires running all over the place. Now with wireless networks in place, businesses are able to connect to their other branches and buildings within their area as well. TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE 4: WIRELESS NETWORKS PAGE 5: WIRELESS LANS PAGE 6: PERSONAL AREA NETWORKS PAGE 7: METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORKS PAGE 8:…show more content…
Wireless LANs are commonly used on college campuses and most laptops come equipped with wireless LAN capabilities. They do not have any defined boundaries, which makes it hard for the user to control the network traffic. Wireless LANs make it possible for people to use the internet anywhere there is free and non-secured Wi-Fi. The ability to connect wirelessly is based on the location of the access point. If a person is close to an access point, they can get a strong signal. If they far, they can get a weak signal or no signal. Wireless LANs can be unreliable as well because of weather, and the environment. There are many ways to implement Wireless LANs. They are infrastructure BSS, independent BSS, ESS, and distribution system. The most common way is the BSS. Wireless LANs have base stations that are connected to a wired infrastructure called access points. The stations have to communication through the access point. They cannot communicate directly. Independent BSS is more popular in military applications. Computenetworking.about.com says, “The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.” Wireless LANs have to have wireless network adapters for every device that wants to connect to the internet. The access points and routers use Wi-Fi antennas so that the communication range can increase. A lot of businesses have been victims of data breaches

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