Wireless Power Transmissionto Power Portable Electronic Devices

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Wireless power transmission to power portable electronic devices. With the increasing popularity of wearable gadgets, it becomes necessary to charge more and more gadgets such as smartphones, smart watches, tablets, smart glasses and so on, which is extremely inconvenient. In addition, considering the limitations of current battery capacities used in portable consumer electronics and the fact that cost of batteries rises along with their capacity, we should look for ways to eliminate the need to charge various devices. The solution is wireless power transmission (WPT) in crowded areas like cafes, stadiums, recreational facilities and so on. The technology correlates with the telecommunications and consists of microwave power transmission antennas covering certain areas capable of powering portable electronics on the go. The power would be transmitted freely through the air, but electronic gadgets would have embedded chips for authentication procedures. They would be connected to smartphones to make payment easier and more convenient. Figure 1. Functional Block Diagram of WPT System The concept of the WPT system is shown and explained using the block diagram (Figure 1). On the transmitting end of the system, the microwave power source generates microwave power, which is controlled by electronic control circuits. Then the signal travels through the Coax-Waveguide Adaptor and the waveguide circulator, which protects the signal from reflected power, to the tuner and
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