Wireless Security

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Wireless Network Security Jon P. McKinley mckinley_jon@hotmail.com TS3150 – Fundamentals of Network Design Sunday, December 28, 2003 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 3 The Wireless Market 5 Components of a wireless network 6 Wireless Security Mechanisms1 8 Categories of Attack 10 802.11 Attack Risks 12 Wireless risk mitigation 13 Summary 15 References 16 Introduction Wireless networks have grown in popularity. This is largely due to the increase in the value of a network as more users are attached to it. The value added to a network by nature of connecting more devices to it, is summarized in "Metcalf's law." Metcalf's law states that if you "connect any number, ‘n,' of machines - whether computers, phones or even…show more content…
Standardization organizations, like IEEE, ETSI, are providing continuous effort to meet new demands from user by introducing new standards as well as minimizing shortcomings of the previous standards. This includes performance fine-tuning, like smother and seamless roaming capabilities as well as QoS and most importantly security features. These standards are currently in development, and will sit atop of existing ones delivering more robust performance Wireless LAN."[5] The wireless market is expected to grow significantly over the next several years. As this growth occurs, solution providers will also be expected to address security concerns. [6] Components of a wireless network IEEE 802.11 wireless networks consist of the following components: Stations: A station (STA) is a network node that is equipped with a wireless network device. A personal computer with a wireless network adapter is known as a wireless client. Wireless clients can communicate directly with each other or through a wireless access point (AP). Wireless clients are mobile. Wireless APs: A wireless AP is a wireless network node that acts as a bridge between STAs and a wired network. A wireless AP contains: • At least one interface that connects the wireless AP to an existing wired
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