Wireless Sensor Network : Mobile Sensor Networks

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“Secure & Efficient Data Transmission in Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Network” Anup Pawar Student, M. Tech (Software Engineering), NHCE, Bangalore, India Abstract: Wireless Sensor Network is a collection of homogeneous/heterogeneous wireless devices used to monitor the changes in the surrounding of the wireless device. Each wireless device present in the network has the capability of sensing the changes in the surrounding environment. Homogeneous sensors are those which have same computational power, energy etc. Each node is battery powered which is used to transmit the sensed data over the network. So efficient transmission of data in Wireless Sensor Network is important and to transmit the data unaltered over the network to the receiver security is important Clustering of Wireless Sensor Network is important to increase the network scalability. Cluster Based Wireless sensor Network (CWSN) are organised in hierarchical manner. In CWSN a leader node called Cluster Head (CH) is responsible for aggregation of data from the leaf nodes which are present in the Cluster. In this paper we will discuss how to transmit the data securely and efficiently over the network. 1. INTRODUCTION Cluster based Wireless Sensor Network (CWSN) has been researched in order to minimize the network consumption for transmitting data and increasing the wireless devices lifetime by maximizing the battery lifetime of the device. In CWSN the nodes are arranged in a cluster, based on algorithms
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