Wireless Sensor Network

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1.1 Wireless sensor network (WSN) A wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of sensing device, computation element, and communication elements that gives user the ability to measure, observe and react to particular events and phenomena in that problem field. A sensing device provides data from sensing physical characteristics such as temperature, pressure and sound etc and then transmits that data to the base station via radio either on time basis or demand basis. A wireless sensor network may contains just a few or large number of wireless sensor nodes, operating in a synchronized and coherent manner to fulfill a common task depending on application. 1.1.1 Overview A sensor network has large number of sensor nodes, which are appropriately deployed or place either inside the experiment or very near to it. A sensor network is a network consisting of distributed wireless automatic devices using sensors to coordinately monitor physical or surrounding conditions, such as temperature, sound, stress/ pressure, movements or pollutants etc at different locations and time. The development of wireless sensor networks was originally motivated by military applications such as battlefield surveillance. The wireless sensor networks nowadays can be used in many more application areas, including environment and domain monitoring, medical applications, intelligent home systems, and traffic commanding. Sensor nodes will collect environment information and send it towards a sink node, which

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