Wireless Sensor Networks : An Pest Management System

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Abstract- Wireless sensor networks have been used in agricultural scenario because of the need for enhancing precision, quality and quantity in farming. This paper is about developing a prototype for the system which utilized a real time wireless sensor network to communicate wirelessly with a pest management system that measures the parameters air temperature and air humidity in an Apple farm for the prediction of disease, Apple Scab in Apple. For this purpose an application software has been developed to derive a relation among these parameters and Disease Severity Index to find out the need of pesticide spray for disease control of these crops. The information is linked to server to alert farmers regarding the environmental changes…show more content…
Another one is an integrated RISC microprocessor with serial analog to digital (A/D) and digital to analog (D/A) converters that interface various signals coming from the sensors to a PC. An alternate to this system is to use a reconfigurable embedded control and acquisition system, i.e. Compact-Rio whose rugged hardware architecture includes I/O modules, a reconfigurable FPGA chassis, and an embedded controller [12]. But in all such technologies the major problem which persists is their inflexibility and bulkiness. Size, weight. Being a wired system the range of communication is limited. The need of the hour is to use a wireless system for communicating between sensors and server. WSN appears as a key solution to this problem.
WSN devices can operate over a wide temperature range, are less prone to shocks and vibration, and provide safety and electromagnetic compatibility. A wireless measurement system frees you from the confines of wired infrastructure [8]. RELATED WORK
Numerous studies have been performed on the application of wireless sensor networks in crop protection, environmental monitoring, forest monitoring etc.. WSN is being used in Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia for animal agriculture [14]. WSN is also being used in apple farming and precision agriculture. Certain issues and challenges like fault tolerance, production cost, operating environment have been discussed in detail

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