Wireless Sensor Networks : Data Quality For Better Selection Process

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Abstract— An outlier is a data value which is significantly deviated from the remaining data. In Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) outliers are the major issues that affect the inherent characteristics, such as flexibility, maintenance costs and scalability. The sources of an outliers include noise, errors, events and malicious attacks on the network. In this paper, we proposed a Compressive sensing algorithm (also known as compressive sensing, compressive sampling, or sparse sampling) to detect outliers images obtain from wireless sensors. The objective of this proposed method is to obtain an outlier degree in images through wireless sensors which provides the data quality for better selection process. CS theory…show more content…
The ideal wireless sensor is networked and scalable, consumes very little power, is smart and software programmable, efficient for fast data acquisition, reliable and accurate over the long term, costs little to purchase and install, and requires no real maintenance.

i. Architecture of Wireless Sensor Network

1. The tiny sensors are deployed all over the implemented background in WSNs.
2. The Networks are usually comprised of few sinks and large quantity of sensor nodes.
3. Sensor nodes are ordered into clusters.
4. Each node has a corresponding cluster header.
5. Each sensor node can sense different parameters such as temperature, smoke and relative humidity.
6. Nodes location details can be obtained by equipment such as Global Positioning System (GPS) or Bluetooth.

Figure 1: Block diagram of a Wireless Sensor Network

Sensor nodes can be used for continuous sensing, event detection, event ID, location sensing, and local control of sensors. We classify the applications in military, environment, health, home and many commercial areas. It is possible to expand this classification with more categories such as space exploration, chemical process industries and disaster relief. Most of the sensor network routing techniques and sensing tasks require the knowledge of location with high accuracy without losing information. Thus, it is important that a sensor node has a location finding system. A mobilizer may sometimes be
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