Wireless Sensor Networks Ensure A Wide Range Of Applications

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ABSTRACT Wireless sensor networks ensure a wide range of applications [1], starting fromsecurity surveillance in military and battlefields, monitoring previously unobservedenvironmental phenomena, smart homes and offices, improved healthcare, industrialdiagnosis, and many more.Main of the issues in wireless sensor network is coverage and communication problem which directly reflect on connectivity between different nodes. The coverage problem is determined to how well the sensing field is monitored or tracked by sensors. In this paper, the entire existing problem is discussed and focused. We also classify the coverage problem into three categories: area coverage, target coverage, and barrier coverage.

KEYWORDS: AD-Hoc Network, Collision System,Coverage and Connectivity,DSRC, VANET, WSN.
I. Introduction
A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a collection of large number of sensor nodes and at least one base station. The sensor node is an autonomous small device that consists of mainly four units that are sensing, information gathering, processing and communication. In wireless sensor network there of many issues that are much affects in communication, processing and in deployments. The main issue is its coverage and connectivity problem. Most of the times communications does not prohibited properly amongst sensors and base station due lacking of ranges problem. Full coverage and connectivity means that every location in the field is covered by at least one node and
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