Wireless Sensor Networks ( Wsn )

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) consists of large number of sensor nodes distributed across a geographical area in highly dense manner. These nodes are of low cost and use less energy to perform various functions. These sensors have the ability to communicate with each other and route the data to next node or back to the Base Station (BS). Sensor nodes in a sensor network communicate with other nodes and collect the information.

Sensor node is made up of four basic components: a sensing unit, a processing unit, a transmission unit and a power unit. Sensing unit collects information using sensor and analog to digital converters (ADC). ADC converts the analog signals produced by the sensor to the digital signals. Processing unit consists of the microcontroller or microprocessor with memory, which provides intelligent control to the sensor node. Transmission unit also known as communication unit performs the task of data transmission and reception. Power unit is one of the most important components which supply the power to other units. There are two more components Position finding system which is used to find the location of sensor and Mobilizer to detect the motion of sensor node.

Figure 1: Units of WSN

i) Energy Efficient:
Various applications of a sensor network need more energy but a limited energy constraint sometime causes a failure in such applications. ii) Scalability and mobility
Nodes in a sensor network…

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