Wireless Sensors Essay

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Wireless Network Sensors (WSNs) [4] has offered a lot of Intelligent Systems which require minimum expenditure with least labor services. WSNs works entirely on sensors which sense physical as well as environmental conditions such as temperature, sound, pressure, noise etc. We have come along with lots and lots of services in Industrial monitoring, health care monitoring, and environmental monitoring using WSNs. I came across an interesting journal of Intelligent Parking Lot Application using Wireless Sensor Networks by Sangwon Lee, Dukhee Yoon and Amitabha Ghosh, 2008.
The writers[1] has criticized lots of journals where people tried using a different kind of sensors like magnetometers, video cameras, microphones, motion detectors, light
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The writers further explained the detection algorithms for both the sensors: for magnetometers, a raw data is obtained which went through 6 different mathematical steps including oscillation prevention, noise reduction, and accuracy detection. This will finally give 5 state machine stages which will correspond to the track of local minimums and maximums and will depict if a vehicle is passed. Ultrasonic sensors, works simply on distance measurement from object to sensors. A flowchart was shown which worked on 2 important factors i.e. Distance_threshold(DiT) and Duration_threshold(DuT). Both DiT and DuT values are dependent on the placement of sensors in the parking lot and if is less than required, a counter is activated until desired value and as the value exceeds, a vehicle is detected.
Now comes the experimental results value which were divided into four different sections: Sensing experiment, they conducted experimentations on all the 6 sensors loaded on SBT80 of which visible light, temperature, and acoustic sensor does not change at all and difference can only be seen in magnetometers, ultrasonic, infrared light sensors used with laser pointers; Ultrasonic Sensors, they attached 2 sensors, SRF02 on the ceiling, one for going up and another for going down cars. Sensor measure the
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