Wireless Sensors Networks Security

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1. Introduction

Developments in micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) and wireless networks are opening a new domain in networking history. Sensors; often called "smart dust" are low cost small tiny devices with limited coverage, low power, smaller memory sizes and low bandwidth, will play a key role in collecting and disseminating data from the fields where ordinary networks are unreachable for various environmental and strategical reasons.

There have been significant contributions to overcome many weaknesses in sensor networks like coverage problems, lack in power and making best use of limited network bandwidth, however; work in sensor network security is still in its infancy stage. This paper is an effort to introduce the
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Kristofer Pister, another researcher in sensors at Berkeley is aiming to produce motes even smaller, one cubic millimetre, where they can be deployed in biometric applications [12].

2.2 Applications

Densely deployment nature of sensor nodes allows the sensor networks to keep functioning even if some of the nodes are destroyed or compromised. Therefore, there is a vast application of sensor networks especially in disastrous situations. Some of the examples of sensor network applications are:

Military Applications: The origin of wireless sensor networks is from defence research, therefore there are vast applications in military where sensor nodes can be deployed in warfield surveillance to detect, locate and monitor enemy activities.

Environmental Applications: Sensor networks are already being used in ocean and wildlife monitoring; further applications could be tracking the livestock and monitoring the growth in plants, early detection of bush fires and identification of tornado motions to prevent from serious disasters.

Domestic Applications: Sensor networks can bring the idea of smart homes where we can monitor and control at site or remotely home appliances like air conditioning, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, security alarms etc.

Medical Applications: Health and hospital applications are integrating sensor networks to monitor the disable patients, diagnostics and drug administrations, locating the doctors and
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