Wireless Services : A Global Internet Provider

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Introduction. Sprint Corporation is an American Telecommunications Company that provides variety of wired and wireless services. Also, it is considered as a global Internet provider. On October, 2008, Sprint offered WiMAX as the first fourth Generation (4G) technology in the United States. It used the 2.5 GHz band to operate its networks; however, this band was officially assigned for Clearwire Corporation (Stair & Reynolds, 2010). There was a quite relationship between Clearwire and Sprint which makes it difficult to distinguish between them. Generally, Clearwire was the provider of Fixed WiMAX and Sprint was the provider of Mobile WiMAX. However, on 2008, Sprint became the controller of Clearwire services and on 2013, Sprint became the owner of the whole Clearwire Corporation (Fitchard, 2012). The first WiMAX network launched by Sprint was in Baltimore. Nowadays, Sprint covered one third of US market and it covered most of the eastern coast area. What is WiMAX? Benefits, Capabilities.
WiMAX, is an abbreviation of “Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access”. WiMAX is a telecommunication standards designed to enable the wireless transmission of data in a variety of ways. It supports the transmission of voice, video, Voice Over IP (VOIP), data, as well as several multimedia applications. WiMAX provides wireless broadband services alternative to cable and digital subscriber line (DSL). Also, it provides mobile communication and wireless broadband services…

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