Essay on Wireless Technologies Today

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Wireless Technologies Today Everyday we as a society employ our wireless technologies throughout the day, sometimes even subconsciously. We wake up and check our cell-phones and PDA’s for information concerning the success of our day. We get to our respective workplace and our company’s wireless technologies, such as implemented wide area networks for quick and accurate communication of information between corporate officers or for communication of information to maximize manufacturing at a plant. According to an article posted by Texas Instruments written by Computerworld, “Purchases of wireless hardware reached $2.2 billion in 2002 and are expected to top $3.9 billion by 2006, according to research firm In-Stat/MDR. Units sold…show more content…
It affects an extensive mixture within society, from conventional communication amongst people daily to innovation of organizational systems to reduce millions of dollars in inefficient processes. These affects can be daily, like updated stock quotes on your PDA to extensive integration of progressive system technologies in factory processes. I believe as a society we need to become aware of the wireless technologies being used today become accustomed to them and prepare ourselves for the advancements that are certain to come at the hands of innovation and imagination. Personal Wireless Technologies Cellular phones are almost certainly the most recognizable wireless technologies available to the individual consumer. However, there are numerous products today that enhance the benefits of wireless capability. We will look at some of the wireless technologies available that innovation and imagination have created. Amongst mobile technologies, the Motorola MPx200 is the first device in a new generation of “Smartphones” that run the new Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 software. A Smartphone is primarily a phone, but it is intended for anyone who also desires to retrieve Outlook contact data, which allows more than just a small number of contacts, mail, and messaging immediately. However one glaring negative is the lack of Bluetooth®, a low-cost radio solution that provides links between mobile computers, mobile
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