Wireless Technology : The Importance Of Wireless Security

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In the modern day, wireless technology is buzzing and becoming more and more popular and widely used as each day passes by. Many big corporations like Apple and Microsoft use wireless storage, aka the “cloud,” to provide their users with convenience. Unfortunately, with the continuous advancement of wireless technology, securing sensitive information becomes a complicated hassle. Wireless security is extremely important because many people store sensitive data such as bank account and credit card numbers wirelessly. Not to mention, many people also perform tasks such as banking wirelessly. Wireless security is a major risk to everyone who owns wireless devices, not just big companies. Having strong and effective wireless security is important, so it must be set up properly in order to protect personal information and prevent hardware damage. Wireless networks are required to be connected the internet, therefore if it is not secured properly, savvy hackers could easily intrude. Most people know the obvious first step of securing a wireless network: passwords. Passwords are key parts to keeping a network’s privacy intact. When a new network it setup, it usually comes with a standard password such as “password” or no password at all. Changing this password is always the first step to securing a network. Most people like to use passwords they can remember and often use for everything else, however, people must refrain from doing that. A good, strong password is consisted of
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