Essay on Wireless Technology Upgrade

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Table of contents Page 1. Introduction 3 2. Strategic Business Assessment 3 3. Technology 4 4. Design a Wireless System 5 5. Compatibility Plans 6 6. Planned Competitive Improvements 7 7. Other Competitive Technological Solutions 8 8. Upgrading to Next Generation 9 9. Summary and Conclusions 10 10. Work Cited 12 Introduction: Since the introduction of the first mobile phone in 1924, there has been a steady climb in developing and enhancing, the mobile phone and its supporting technologies. The cellular network infrastructures as well as service providers have been hard at work; in making sure they are providing the best service as well as devices. The infrastructure alone…show more content…
Technology: GoFone Cellular Communications is a leader in delivering innovative wireless cellular services. The need for innovation and providing top-notch service has led GoFone into being an industry leader. GoFone has been able stay ahead of the class, by keeping up with industry trends, and consumer satisfaction. The services offered allow users to stay connected to the world. Subscribers are able to talk and browse the Internet at the same time. GoFone also offers a variety of cellular phones with several options. GoFone’s service is currently being offered on 3rd generation technology, that promises scalability. Having the ability to offer different services, with different pricing points consumers will be able to pick a choice on what type of service or package they want. GoFone promises to provide cellular wireless services, with the ability to stay connected and have minimal to no impact. GoFone’s network is operating off Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS), which is 3rd generation wireless cellular technology. GoFone will deploy its UMTS network on the 900MHz frequency. UMTS technology is mainly based off of Wide Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) affords; GoFone the opportunity to offer features such as mobile wireless Internet, email and other services. The use of UMTS allows for
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