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Wireless technologies in the Oilfield
In this research paper I will be exploring the new digital oilfield. This is defined by Sidney Hill of plantengineering.com as “an oilfield that harnesses information technology in ways that allow an oil company to capture and analyze data about all of its operations, ideally in real time, thus maximizing production while minimizing costs.”[1] I will cover why this technology has been brought in, what benefits it brings with it, how they are using it, and the possible threats that are holding it back.
According to the International Energy Agency, the United States is looking to become the world’s top producer of oil by 2017, a net exporter of the fuel by 2030 and possibly self-sufficient by 2035.[2] This shows how big the oil industry has become and how much more it could grow. Over the past several years the United States has seen in explosion of exploration and new drilling operations being started in remote and geographically challenging areas where communication options are limited. Due to this, many oil companies are looking into the advantages of using wireless technologies to improve their profitability, both in these new projects and in their existing operations. With the understanding that 75% of oil companies having wireless networks in place, Vodafone Global Enterprises, a worldwide telecommunications company, teamed up with equipment maker Huawei to conduct a survey with over 100 oil and gas leaders to gauge
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