Wiretapping And Spying Stop Terrorism

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Our argument is that the government should be able to wiretap and spy without warrant. My partner brought up our first main contention which was how wiretapping and spying stop terrorism. Our other contentions are is it helps speed up trials and brings a more accurate verdict, and there wouldn't be as much paperwork if it was warrantless. Our next main contention that I will be discussing is how wiretapping and spying stops organized crimes. The organized crimes that it would be able to stop is murder, robbery, drug distribution, human trafficking, and many other crimes. Think about all the lives that would be saved by spying on suspected people who would commit the crimes… How warrantless wiretapping and spying will work is they will be able to listen on conversations and read emails. After that they will be able to apprehend the suspect if they are suspected of committing a crime. With crime and terrorism on the rise our country can seriously benefit from warrantless wiretapping. The law enforcement and government officials using wiretaps are not spying random but instead suspect criminals. Also when they collect information by using wiretaps it does interfere with innocent U.S citizens. This is some of the reasoning behind our argument. Why we know it work and help our country is other…show more content…
Having a faster trial will help save money, right now a criminal trial can range from $40,000 to $17 million base on the offense. Being able to save the United States money will allows to spend money on things for the better cause and not criminals. Think about it why we should spend so much money criminals just so we can put them in jail, the money should go toward more important things that will benefit our country. This is our last supporting point for our
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