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Wisconsin Claudia Maca 5th Grade Ms.Whaley May 6, 2016 Introduction The states of Wisconsin is located in the midwest part of the United States.It borders with Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota.Wisconsin became a state in May 29 1848 and currently has 5.7825 million people, with the capital being in Madison.Animals, state flower, and cheese are major parts of Wisconsin econameny.Wisconsin is well known for its cheese.Wisconsin is a place for people to enjoy the cheesethey make and its tourist atration the BigFoot Zipline and many theme parks. History…show more content…
The climate in Wisconsin depends on where you are because of its varied geography.The weather in coastal region is mild while the weather in the desert is hot and dry.In winter it is freezing and you can do alot and the averge is 39 or 50s in the north.Many places in Wisconsin have just winter , spring, summer, and autume seasons.Wisconsin rainfall is 30.89 inches.Wisconsins climate makes it desirable place to visit in all seasons. Natural Resources and Industry Wisconsin is a major source of many natural resources.According to cheese is one of Wisconsin's biggest resources, but also one of the biggest problems is that cheese can also be dangerous because people might be allergic to cheese or people can put stuff in it.In Wisconsin ,winter is called sow,lots of snow!To deal with snow and ice people, use road salt to keep streets and highways safer for driving According to state department of transportation
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