Wisdom And The Quality Of Being Wise

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Wisdom in itself is a very important characteristic for one to carry. By definition, wisdom is “the quality of having experiences, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise’. (Google, 2015) Although wisdom can be explained as the accumulated philosophic or scientific learning known as knowledge and the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships known as insight, it can also translate in to many other things. Wisdom is a very universal thing and so many people carry this quality but in different forms. A man may be wise at his job in mechanics, but another man may not know much about it at all. This is the man who is most likely wise about something the mechanic is not. I believe wisdom comes from your life experiences and how you learn along the way. I personally have a lack of knowledge, or wisdom in math. It is probably one of my worst subjects and I have a very hard time comprehending or understanding everything. I struggle with this, so instead I hired a tutor who is full of wisdom and can teach me to understand. Wisdom is also very closely related to how a person may judge or perceive what is going on around them. As a person, we have to be able to step back, evaluate a situation, and make a decision based on what is right or wrong. Only a person with wisdom can make the right decisions, on the other hand, some may think they are wise but end up making decisions that were not so good in the end. I believe that wisdom is very closely related to…
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