Wit: an Analysis Essay

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Wit: An Analysis Abstract Wit is a movie about a woman dying of cancer. It is a powerful drama that chronicles the last few months of her life. The recurring theme throughout the movie is the nurses’ role as the compassionate, caring individual who humanizes the main character. The nurse seems to be everywhere and able to do just about everything that is needed. The nurses’ sole purpose in this film is to promote healing, preserve dignity and respect the patient as a whole person. The nursing theorist strongly represented in this film is Jean Watson. . This paper explains Jean Watson’s theoretical concept how the nurse in the movie utilizes her nursing theory model. Summary of Wit Wit is the story of Vivian Bearing, a…show more content…
Bearing so desires from the medical professionals, she never offered. Although most of the medical staff in the movie seems to perceive Dr. Bearing as either an experiment or just another patient, there is one person who sees her as a human being. This person is Susie Monahan, Dr. Bearing’s nurse. Susie is there for Dr. Bearing during almost everything and represents the “caring professional”. Susie is a shoulder for Dr. Bearing to cry on, she is a teacher and explains information that Dr. Kalekian and his fellows cannot seem to put into terms that a patient can actually understand, and Susie is Dr. Bearing’s advocate and truly shows compassion and caring. At the end of the film, Dr. Bearing dies and Jason calls a code blue unknowing that her wishes were do not resuscitate. Susie is there, advocating for Dr. Bearing and making sure she dies with dignity the way she wanted it. Jason needed Dr. Bearing to live to help his research and completely lost sight of the humanity involved when caring for a dying patient. Theoretical Concept in Wit The theory of transpersonal caring is the nursing theory of Jean Watson. The essence of her theory is “caring for the purpose of promoting healing, preserving dignity, and respecting the wholeness and interconnectedness of humanity.” (George, 2010) The four major components of Watson’s theory are the human being, health, environment/society and nursing. Watson embraces

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