Witch House Vs Corwin House

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Even now, I can still envision the single moment that ignited my interest in history. At the age of five, I stood gazing up at the intimidating, dilapidated façade of the Jonathan Corwin House in Salem Massachusetts. Black paint crumbled at the edges of the timber cladding. The roof of the house was steeply pitched with severely pointed gables and acute eaves. There was something unnerving about the lack of symmetry in how the architect had placed the diamond-paned casement windows. Ironically, the door was the least inviting of any of the house’s features though. Broad-and-batten, it looked imposingly upon the street. From a rotten out post swung a sign reading in gothic font “Witch House”. That day I was introduced to the tragic history of the Salem witch trials and began asking the question: why?
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Throughout secondary school, instead of accepting the facts stated in my textbooks, I continued to ask questions. Disillusioned by how complex historical events were taught like equations with a simple cause and effect, senior year of high school I determined that I would become a teacher. As a teacher, I aspire to not be hindered by standardized requirements and teach history in a way that resonates with students and evokes passion. While at Washington College, I sought to become involved with children in the Chestertown community and learn how to inspire an interest in history. Although the college offered many volunteer opportunities through clubs, none involved interacting with the local school district. Volunteering at the animal shelter, while fulfilling, did not
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