Witch Hunts And The Salem Witch Trials

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Our country has been affected by the harsh results of witch hunts for centuries, each one has left an even larger scar in US history. These witch hunts have stretched from 1692, the Salem trials , through the 40’s and 50’s. These decades consisted of many citizens lost their life savings, and jobs. The witch hunts still haunt us today in current presidential elections. Each one of these hunts were all powered by the same characteristics that could have been avoided. Worst of all, they even lead to the death of many innocent people that were accused of acts they did not do. Mass hysteria is fueled by the terrible forces of false accusations, jealousy, abuse of power and instilling fear on innocent people. The Salem Witch Trials were the…show more content…
The article, “The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st century”, states that, “...the army rounded up some 110,000 Japanese Americans and shipped them to ten hastily constructed remote relocation center.”(Littell 620). These camps were poorly kept and is a major loss for the Japanese Americans since they were ripped out of their well earned home and put in unhealthy living spaces. The fact that around 110,000 people were seized just because of their race proves how bad racial profiling was. This article also states, “In 1965, congress authorized the spending of 38 million dollars for that purpose-less than a tenth of Japanese Americans’ actual losses.”(Littell 621). These innocent people lost their jobs and homes which resulted in a reimbursement that couldn 't even cover half the cost of their belongings. What made this even worse is that the government did this for our safety but did not care for the safety of these innocent people in the camps. The boiling point of this tragedy was that these people were only suspected of subversion and got robbed of everything they worked for. Joseph McCarthy 's time in office was a very intense and nerve racking period since he used brutal force to track down suspected communist. In the excerpt “How McCarthyism Worked” states, “Taking advantage of people 's concerns about communism, McCarthy made one
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