Witchcraft And Fire

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The first quote that I got is from ‘Here follows some verses upon the burning of the house’ is “that fearful sound of ‘fire’ and ‘fire’/ let no man know is my desire/ I starting up, the light did spy/ And to my heart did cry/ To straighten me in my Distress/”(5-9). The reason why I chose this quote is because it talks about how stuff got burnt by fire, and how fearful fire is, and that's how the woman used to get burnt from being accused that they are witches. It is also specifying how they were crying their hearts out to their God.
The second quote that I got is from ‘Poem Analysis: Dickinson and Witchcraft’. The quote is “Witchcraft was hung, in History,/ But History and I/ Find all the Witchcraft that we need/ Around us every Day-”(1-4).
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