Witchcraft As A Religion

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What is witchcraft? Witchcraft is the practice of magic, black magic and the use of supernatural beings.Though witchcraft is associated with demons and Satan it’s just misunderstood. And though it has some downsides to it, as a whole, it’s just praising and praying to different gods and most witches use it as a way of work to make money, medicine, and healing. People have wondered about whether witchcraft is a religion and have asked the question “Is witchcraft considered a religion?” Witchcraft is part of the religion “Wicca, which is a modern form of paganism mainly found in the 20th century England.”(Wigington) Many assume witchcraft to be a religion but the fact is that different people have different answers because it all depends on who you ask. Though it really does not matter to the Pagans or Wiccans. Wondering how witchcraft came about? Well, Raymond says “witchcraft started as a way for people in ancient times to gain more food. They would carve a bison from the wood being killed by a spear, then pray to the god of hunting and the brave warriors that went out would come back with their kill, with a spear in the same place as the wooden bison. Back during their time there was also a large mortality rate so people would pray to the goddess of fertility and cast spells by doing the same thing as when they would go out to kill bison, but they would carve the animals mating so that the birth rate could help balance out the high deaths” (Buckland 12).
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