Witchcraft Court Of Oyer And Terminer

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The governor of Massachusetts, William Phips, sent me a letter discussing the situation of the Salem Village. He selected me to become one of the five judges of the special witchcraft Court of Oyer and Terminer (Linder). This was a good news for me, even though I was afraid. The issues regarding witchcraft in Salem was very complicated to me. I had no previous training on this matter and learned everything about the situation from stories told by others. I was worried about my family members being afflicted or accused of witchcraft because there were lots of accusations made during that time. My friend Cotton Mather and two other judges came to my house, the day before my first case, to talk about the conflict with the Indians. Also, he talked about his new published book, Memorable Providences, in which he described the suspected witchcraft of an Irish woman in Boston (Linder). In his book, it is stated that the Goodwin children, who were afflicted by witchcraft, were of good character and “it was perfectly impossible for any dissimulation of theirs to produce what scores of spectators were amazed at (Rosenthal 2). Then Mather gave me a paper and said that it has the information that I would need for my case. I thanked him for that because he is an expert in the matter of witch craft. After they left my house, I went to my neighbor’s house to visit my ill friend and his family. He had two daughters and I feared that they would show the behavior of the afflicted children

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