Witchcraft During Medieval Times

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During medieval times, there was a constant uproar when it came to difference in religions, as leaders preferred there be one sacred religion, Christianity. Around the 15th century, leading into the 16th century, in European countries, such as Germany and surrounding providences, witchcraft became the new practice, which was frowned upon. Anyone accused of being a witch, could not receive a fair trial, as they were persecuted, tricked into confession, humiliated, inhumanly tortured, and put to death by the numbers.
Witchcraft was known, as a practice, in which, one would give themselves, over to the devil; in return, sorcery would be gained (Witchcraft Documents [15th Century], 1996). Due to fear, and the misunderstandings, of natural disasters, witches were said, to be the cause of a multitude of events. Uneducated, about the scientific reasoning, behind; miscarriages, the destruction of crops, any lifeform that had perished, in addition, to any other mishap; inevitably, witchcraft would be to blame (Witchcraft Documents [15th Century], 1996). In an attempt, to preserve Catholicism, Pope Innocent VIII, supported, the persecution of witches.
The excerpt “Innocent VIII: BULL Summis desiderantes, Dec. 5th, 1484,” is a memoriam, listing desires and requirements, as to how witches convicted, should be hunted and put on trial (Witchcraft Documents [15th Century], 1996). To help preserve and spread Catholicism, would mean to, capture all who have, disrupted peace, in upper parts
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