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Reformation in Europe in 16th century


Sarajevo, October 2012

Action Plan
For this essay I choose to write about witchcraft in the 16th and 17th century since I find the topic extremely interesting the write about. Given that we only have a paragraph about it in out History textbooks, I will have to look into other books and also search the internet to find what I need for the essay. * Read about the topic from my History textbook * Find information from other books such as the book People that Changed the World * Go online and research about witchcraft, but
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This period was a very bad one for women in Europe as they were mostly accused for practicing witchcraft.
As I mentioned above, the hysteria over witchcraft affected mostly women, but also other people. More than 100000 people all around Europe were accused of witchcraft while 75% women. Most of the accused were common people, usually those without property and usually women – servant girls, peasant women and milkmaids. It is interesting to mention that most of the women indicted were single or widowed, and many of them over fifty years old. To understand why mostly women were accused one must understand what it meant to be a witch. People who preformed witchcraft were seen as devil worshipers and were believed to have a connection with Satan. It was believed that witches had some sort of sexual relationship with Lucifer and therefore women were mostly accused. Also, there were other reasons why someone was considered a witch; if a woman was extremely beautiful and caught attention of married men, she was accused of practicing witchcraft, of if a widow lived in a distant area and was unsociable or had untidy hair or some sort of animal, she would as well be considered a witch. As women were always regarded as healers, and if one knew some sort of medicine or was able to deliver a child, she would be convicted. Some other reasons were

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