Witchcraft - Satan Woship, or Just another Religion? Essay

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Witchcraft - Satan Woship, or Just another Religion? In today's society, new religions are popping up all over the place. One of the oldest, yet fastest growing faiths today is witchcraft. This earth-based, nature oriented belief has been established since the thirteenth century, but it is not until recently that it has began to spread across the world. Everywhere we look we see something associated with the practice of wicca. The movie, Blair Witch Project, is one example of the growing belief in spells, charms, and covens. However, there are many people who disapprove of this practice and are labeling it as a 'false religion.'; Christians, for example, greatly disagree with the belief of witchcraft and find it in association with…show more content…
Basically, it was people who were lonely or were considered to be outcasts. There were also Indian slaves and anti-Christians who were accused of witch craft because of their different point of views. However, sometimes, everyday people were accused because of their superstitions like 'knocking on wood.'; The church saw them as those who didn't put their complete faith in God, and so therefore, were considered to be witches. There are many different types of witchcraft, or wicca. Sometimes, it is simply just charms and spells that people chant. These spells can be considered either good or bad, depending on the purpose of the hex. The magic used in witchcraft can also vary. It basically comes down to either black magic, which is meant to do harm, or white magic, which is only meant to heal and help. In the Bible it is clearly stated that witchcraft is wrong. There are many different chapters and verses in the Bible that reveal this. Obviously, God does not want his people to be hand in hand with sin, but the question still remains: Is witch craft tied to Satanism and evil? Many say yes, but many say no as well. By viewing the facts about witchcraft, one can decide for themselves. The exact time when witchcraft originated is unknown, but experts say it all began to become noticed as an evil practice around the 13th century. During this time, the church slightly tolerated the practice of magic, but as the 14th century moved

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