Witchcraft : Ultima, A Curandera

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Most people today think of witchcraft as a dangerous almost demonic practice. Nevertheless, there is still some debate about whether or not it actually exists which is understandable since witchcraft witch dates back 40,000 years and there hasn't been any solid evidence that proves its existence. Whereas some are convinced that witchcraft is real and may heal them, while others maintain that it only a demonic practice that only exists in folktales and TV shows. However, my view is that witchcraft does exist and it's an evil practice, we can also see this debate in Rudolfo Anaya’s novel Bless Me Ultima where the people of the village or town are split whether she is a Bruja or a Curandera. I believe that she is a Curandera since she doesn't show any signs of practicing witchcraft but helps antonio's family in many ways that doesn't align with my definition of a follower of witchcraft.
Ultima throughout the story shows signs of being a curandera rather that being a witch. When Ultima is first introduced she is described a curandera who knows her herbs: “Ultima was a curandera a woman who knew the herbs” (P4 L12). Ultima is a Curandera because curanderos in our world heal people using the herbs they know and find in the forest or plains which perfectly describes Ultima as she helps and cures Antonio's family using herbs as well. Furthermore, there is a video Tittled “The Curandera” which is about a Curandera and her practices as a curandera which the central character states
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