Witches Wear 60s Clothing

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The reason that I chose the witches to wear 60s attire is because I am fond of the style and era of the 60s. I designed the outfits that I thought would fit the theme of Macbeth and the witches. I chose to stick to the colors of red and black because they are common colors that are used in 60s costumes. One of theses costumes was inspired from the movie, “Grease,” in the last scene during the song, “You’re the One that I Want.” I based this costume on the outfit that “Sandy”, or Olivia Newton-John, is wearing.
The Polka-dot dress was inspired by a dance costume that I have worn. I wanted to incorporate the black-and-white theme with the fun patterns of the 60s as well as a halter top to add personality.
The last costume was inspired by
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