Witches of the 16th Century Essay examples

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Witches of the 16th Century Society in the 16th Century was, in fact, very male dominated, this meant that women were already met with some degree of prejudice, but this was to turn into the search for witches in every town and village. Statistics show that 75% of those accused were women and nearly all of them were over 50, this indicates a higher level of women being accused and this could be because, women were seen as inferior their male counterparts, and they never held any position of authority over a male. The highest position in society that was usually occupied by a female was either a healer or a wise-woman. These did not tend to be the best career choices because they rapidly…show more content…
Source C is a witness statement claiming how an elderly lady was rumoured to be a witch, and then bearing a grudge against the witness, killed a calf and her son. This proves that the accusations of elderly women were a common thing especially when they had a reputation. The witness believed that refusing to give alms to the accused provoked her into killing her son. The elderly woman was obviously poor and the description of this lady is very much proof that Crimon’s view was completely correct. Source D is a table displaying the trial records of those accused in the 16th and 17th Century throughout Europe. In every case the information goes to prove Crimon’s view, because it shows that well over 50% were female, and of those of known age over 50% were over 50 years of age. This indicates that the typical people accused fit in with Crimon’s stereotype of a typical witch. However this table does not support Crimon’s view entirely, because the table fails to indicate the wealth of the individuals accused, and therefore it cannot be said whether any of them were poor or not. Source E is an extract from a book written about witchcraft in 1584, it describes the supposed activities of a witch and how she operates. The language it uses is slightly hard to understand but keeps on
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