With Completing The First Course Of The Lead Program, I

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With completing the first course of the LEAD program, I was able to benefit from a variety of new skills to have academic success. I have the chance of discovering new learning outcomes and acquired knowledge. As adult learner, we need to learn how to manage our time and use resources to manage our time to accomplish our academic goal. To grow as a person, we need to identify our own strengths to overcome our weaknesses. This course had satisfied my expectations and I will use the knowledge acquire in this course to accomplish my future goals as a leader to focus on helping others and to perform beyond their expectations. One of the biggest topic for me in class was time management. I still need to be more aware on how to use my time…show more content…
I am creative and take initiative at work place. I like to give more ideas to my supervisor and managers. I have taken initiative to change the way we order the milk for Paterson School District. I got an opportunity to sit with the IT Department to design the program. I took imitative to present the program and how can be done without anybody telling me which was appreciated by my managers. Another strength is self-confidence. I am highly confident personally as well as professionally to talk to and handle the customers. I got appreciation on comment letter by guest so many times. I am confident enough to talk diplomatic way with my co-workers and managers when needed. On my lower strengths, I found out that I totally get upset and very tense while working on my assignments. The assignment I am doing if something from it cannot understand made me very irritating and frustrated. I am very reserve personality because I don’t like to approach others without any concerns. It is hard for me to focus on different issues on one time. Strengths is something like make you feel power when you finish the task. For instance, I have been working on my final paper since we start the semester three weeks ago, and now that aim almost done I feel energizes spiritually even though I feel exhausted physically. Learning these basic skills in class have help grow professionally. Uncovering hidden strengths will allow you growing and transformation to
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