With Liberty and Justice for All

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In a time of transition when people began to question the purpose of government, fifty-five men who represented thirteen victorious colonies of the new world gathered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They gathered here to discuss and develop a government never before know to the world. This revolutionary idea of government would forever change the way the world looked at power and liberty, but in order to produce such a government the fifty-five delegates would have to answer a couple questions first. A huge theme that had emerged throughout the preceding revolution had been the importance of liberty. The supporters of the revolution had stressed on multiple occasions that all men have certain liberties that they are entitled to, but the …show more content…
He promotes the incapability of common men to govern due to emotion and biases. Jonathan Boucher supports the monarchy by stating, “where there is no law there is no freedom” and “society reflects the inequalities in nature” (pg114). One believes shared by both Britain and the newly independent Colonists was that government is necessary. “Government is necessary in that no Society of Men can subsist without it; and that Particular Form of Government is necessary which best suits the Temper and Inclination of a People” (pg 32). The delegates believed a Democracy was that Particular Form of Government because the purpose of government is to protect its people’s liberties, and no one is better suited to look out for the people than themselves (pg 95, pg 190). John Adams points out once again the ever-growing lust for power. “It is indeed true, that the interest of freedom is a virgin that everyone seeks to deflower; and like a virgin it must be kept, or else (so great is the lust of mankind after dominion) there follows a rape upon the first opportunity” (pg 190). Adams also believed a government’s people should shape it as much as it shapes them. In order to ensure liberty limitations must be set on the government (pg 96). People are not always good or bad, so in situations in which people are controlling people the only way to protect liberties from being
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