With Reference to Case Studies, Critically Evaluate the Success of Management Schemes in Fragile Environments

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With reference to case studies, critically evaluate the success of management schemes in fragile environments (40 marks) A fragile environment is one which is easy to disrupt, and once disrupted, difficult to restore. An example of this kind of environment is the Sundarbans; the largest single block of mangrove swamp in the world, covering 10,000 km² from the coasts of West Bengal to Bangladesh. The mangrove swamps are sensitive to a number of factors, including temperature, salinity and sea level, where small changes may be able to cause huge impacts on the overall health and effectiveness of the swamps to protect the coastline and the 300,000 livelihoods that depend on it. The mangrove swamps can act as shock absorbers, protecting…show more content…
It is for these threats that the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve was created in 1973, and later designated as the Sundarban Forest Reserve in 1978. It now covers the whole of the Sundarbans, aimed towards managing it in a sustainable way. Armed forest staff patrol in motorboats and launches, protecting the reserve from poachers and theft of forest products such as the valuable honey and wax that is limited for collecting to only two and a half months a year, while seminars, workshops and awareness camps are conducted frequently inside the park to educate people and tourists on eco-conservation and eco-development. By educating people, there will be a greater understanding and cooperation between local villagers and authorities, so locals can benefit from the surrounding ecosystem while still protecting the environment and not completely exploiting it. The Sundarbans Biodiversity Conservation Project (SBPC) was also put in place by the Bangladesh government in 1999, aimed towards conserving the environment and biodiversity, as well as reducing the poverty in the area. This included focussing on the organisation of the Sundarbans Forest Reserve, resource management, development of the impact zone, ecotourism and environmental awareness, technical advice, monitoring and research studies. However, the project was cancelled in 2005 due to issues with the integrity and design

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