With Respect To The Concerning Question, There Has Been

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With respect to the concerning question, there has been much controversy. It is evident that scholars have been divided when discussing the claim that the Study of Politics is a science. Aristotle described politics as the “master science”; Hobbs, Pollock, Bryce and many others have long considered Politics to be a scientific study. Inversely, Mosca, Comte and Maitland, among others, question its eligibility. 
According to the Oxford Dictionaries, Science can be described as, “A systematically organised body of knowledge on a particular subject” where Science is split into two key types: natural and social. It can be claimed that Politics is a social science. Before conducting an analysis into the claim it must be asserted that no science…show more content…
As referenced by Marsh and Stoker, A. Lawrence Lowell expressed that, “Politics is an observational not an experimental science”. Lowell’s statement is demonstrated by Behaviouralism and Rational Choice Theory. Both Political approaches are often explored using quantified data to demonstrate and explain political behaviour. This, as given by the Oxford dictionaries definition and as further expanded by Lowell, indicates that, at least in part, Political Science uses its approaches to supply a systematic study to the observations of the natural world. In corroboration with Lowell, David Wearing suggests that to best critically analyse the claim it is necessary to “set aside moral values and political concerns in favour of detached enquiry into the mechanics of how the political world functions.” Wearing and Lowell further corroborate the opinions voiced by Marsh and Stoker in that they indicate that Political science is not functional without its scientific aspect. Behaviouralist, Choice Theorists and Political Economists use systematic behavioural models to determine political outcomes. While Politics, as explored by Marsh and Stoker, is uncommon and unlike other sciences, it still demonstrates scientific aspects. These aspects, described by Lowell as observational and by Wearing

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