With Technology Being So Prevalent Among Teens And Children

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With technology being so prevalent among teens and children in today’s society, it is no surprise that it is also increasingly being used in the classroom. From smart boards to iPads, technology is being used to facilitate the learning and success of students. The word technology is a broad term and could be referring to anything from paper to laptops, in this context, ‘technology” refers to iPads, smart boards, and computers. Technology being integrated into the classroom has been debated by many, and a great deal of those people believe that technology is a helpful and an incredible tool to have in schools. Technology is everywhere in today’s society, and it is especially prevalent in classrooms. For example, I am taking this class…show more content…
The first method is called the technology-oriented approach “In the technology oriented approach, the use of technology is at the centre of education, enabling access to the latest technology...We need to be aware that each system is characterised by structure and function. One without the other is incomplete and cannot be conceived”(Dolenc and Abersek). Some of the failures forementioned, happened because they use one without using the other, speaking of structure and function. Using this method means that the educators aren’t taking how students learn into account. Instead of using different learning techniques, educators only use technology because they have it at their disposal. “The major problem with this approach is that in the 20th century it underwent numerous important cycles of inflated promises, and some introductions into schools, followed by failures” (Dolenc and Abersek). Dolenc and Abersek go on to explain that educators who use this method, use the technology because it is available, not because it is useful. The second, and more effective, is the learning oriented approach, “On the other side, in the learning oriented approach, we focus first on how people learn, and we perceive technology merely as an aid, as a tool for learning” (Dolenc and Abersek 355). Instead of using only technology to teach the students, teachers should instead use it as tool to help them with their learning. Using

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