With The Clean Air Act Of 1990 Americans Were Give A Better

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With the Clean Air Act of 1990 Americans were give a better fighting chance to find alternative environmental and economic friendly energy. Like many organizations and communities in the U.S, alternative energy is an important factor to how we management and maintain our communities. In order for U.S citizens to continue living a healthy lifestyle, Americans must have clean air to breath and a clean environment. One of the main ways for this to happen is through alternative energy. Alternative energy includes such things as waste to energy solid waste management; this is a answer for the community. Waste to energy is environmental friendly and decreases pollution. Thus, air quality has many benefits to respiratory disease suffers and…show more content…
According to the Solid Waste Association of North America (2017), “The waste-to-energy facility provides a revenue stream from the sale of electricity and powers over 30,000 area homes. On average, 500 tons of ferrous metal and 16 tons of non-ferrous metal are removed from the processed waste and recycled each month, offering an additional revenue source. Because of long term operating contracts and a fixed debt payment structure, the waste-to-energy facility offers stable tipping fees for municipal waste.” (para 7). The revenue collected can go back into facility helping with maintenance cost and up keep of the new facilities. Another benefit from the collection of revenue is it can assist residence with lower taxes on waste management. Waste to energy is a great component in helping to keep generating clean, renewable energy with the credible management with municipal solid waste. Waste to energy is the best resource for communities around the world to use for reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering energy from waste. Environmental benefits from waste to energy are reduction in greenhouse gases, creation jobs, incorporating and encouraging recycling, and the preferred environmental sustainability method to waste management. According to Ecomaine (2017), “Converting the trash to energy also benefits the communities we serve by reducing its volume by 90 percent, leaving only ash to be stored at the landfill site.” (para 2). Pollution control provides

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