With The Movie Industry On The Rise In The 21Th Century,

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With the movie industry on the rise in the 21th century, there are a lot of studios that have been known for making great movies like Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Lions Gate, but now Marvel Studios join the hall of fame with the rest of the giants in the movie business. Marvel Studios is known for pushing the story narrative and also making c-list heroes into movie stars(Comicbookcast2,2016). Marvel Studios’ films has not released a critically bad movie, and they beat out the gold standard that Pixar has maintained(T.V. Junkie, 2016). Marvel Studios has been steamrolling all of the movies that the other studios(T.V. Junkie, 2016). Marvel Studios has been known at making decades worth of emotional, dramatic, entertaining movies, but in order to…show more content…
Junkie, 2016). Kevin Feige has the fans trust, and he knows that the fans will love anything he puts out, because he has been in their boat before as a fan of the source material(Weekend Warrior, 2016). Before Kevin Feige even started working on his movies to come, he realized that he needed the fans trust in order to do his dream(Weekend Warrior, 2016). When the fans gave their trust to Kevin, then Marvel Studios put their trust in him as well(Weekend Warrior, 2016). Once he had the trust of his superiority and the fans, Kevin Feige ventured on with his vision, and because it’s only because of him that Marvel Studios is what it is today.
Transmedia has been described as a new aesthetic that has emerged in response to media convergence(Menard, 2014, p. 35). Transmedia contexts a fictional world is not simply the product of one platform but of several(Ruppel, 2012, p. 4). Transmedia can be several different forms of media like games, books, movies, and shows(Menard, 2014, p. 28). Transmedia gets amped even more with the coming digital age(Ruppel, 2012, p. 4). Transmedia allows the world to be more expressive for the audience to see(Ruppel, 2012, p. 4). Transmedia allows the audience to see more into the world that they are interested in. Transmedia gives more perspective to characters that the audience are invested. Transmedia is about the discovery and the choice of how much the audience is willing to discover about the story the author is trying
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