With the increasing use of technology in the classroom, learning does not have to come solely from

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With the increasing use of technology in the classroom, learning does not have to come solely from the teacher. The computer programs that are being produced and used act as tutors from which the students are able to get extended time to learn about the topic or subject being discussed. In “Technology in Education” a 1986 study called “Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow” (ACOT) was performed and negative results were hoping to be found based on the long amount of time that students and teachers were at computers. ACOT allowed for each student and teacher to receive two computers: one to keep at school and another to take home. The overall idea of this study was to see the effect of the computers on the teachers and the students. When the results…show more content…
With the increased use of computers, some fear that the need for teachers will decrease creating a completely new type of classroom. Providing reassurance, a local middle school principal states “Technology will never replace a teacher. Technology allows you to apply skills to create, but it doesn’t teach one how to think critically. Technology will always need a human mind to operate, develop, and control technology. Teachers need to develop the minds of those who create the technology. Currently, there are many students in the United States who are enrolled in online classes, but early reports are showing that without the direct guidance of instructors, students are not performing at the same level as those who are enrolled in traditional schools.” As the teachers are taking a step back and computers are taking a step forward, it is allowing the students to become more independent with their schooling. Multiple studies and observations have shown that the students enjoy working and learning on the computers because of the many different forms that computers can present information. The ability to individualize lessons and topics is something that is crucial to education, because the teachers cannot have a classroom full of students and teach each of them how they learn best. “The Impact of Technology on Student
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