Withania Somnifera Effect

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Effects of Linalool & Withania Somnifera on cerebral blood circulation and anti-stress

Linalool is the main element found in many essentials oils. It is found in orange, lavender, rose, coriander and rosewood. In its pure form, Linalool has several anti-cancer properties and has found to be effective against leukemia as well as per the studies conducted.
Withania Somnifera is the botanical name of the plant that is commonly found in the sub-tropical regions. The roots and leaves of this plant are utilized and have medicinal value. It has many medicinal values like normalizing physiological functions, as a neuroendocrine, to beat insomnia, as a sedative and even address stress related conditions. It also induces weight loss as well and lowers the blood pressure. Additionally, it is also found to enhance physical strength, provide clarity in mind and
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The studies conducted have proven that there are visible side effects in adult males after exposure to Linalool. Adults with no prior history of issues with cerebral blood flow were found to have a reduction in the cerebral blood flow after inhaling Linalool.

Sides Effects of Withania Somnifera
Withania Somnifera has positive side effect when it comes to “anti-stress”. It has a protective effect on stress induced neuronal degeneration. It thus helps achieve a better state to fight against stress. It is also known to prevent stress related ulcers.
Withania Somnifera is a traditional medicine that is often used for the central nervous system therapy. Drugs that have the ability to enhance the neuro-functions are generally called ‘Nootropic’. Such drugs act in many different methods. The most common methods are increase in cerebral blood flow, enhancing the cerebral oxygen usage metabolic rate or even increase the cerebral glucose metabolic rate. Withania Somnifera is a ‘Nootropic’ drug as
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