Withdrawal of U.S Troops from Afghanistan and Its Impact on Region

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1 ARTICLE WITHDRAWAL OF U.S TROOPS FROM AFGHANISTAN AND ITS IMPACT ON REGION WRITTEN BY: USAMA PERVAIZ OUTLINE 1.COMPLETE BACKGROUND OF THE SITUATION 2.PLAN OF REMOVAL OF FORCES 3.POST REMOVAL PLAN 4.IMPACT ON INDIA,PAKISTAN AND TAJIKISTAN 5.FUTURE RELATIONS OF PAKISTAN AND AFGHANISTAN 6.CHALLENGES AND OPPURTUNITIES FOR PASKISTAN 7.SOME RECOMMENDATIONS 8.SCENARIOS OF AFGHANISTAN 9.CONCLUSION. ______________________________________________________________________________ The Withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan describes the ongoing drawdown of U.S. Armed Forces in the Afghanistan war and the plans for its post 2014 presence when combat troops have left Afghanistan by the end of 2014. BACKGROUND: 2009 U.S. troops increase under…show more content…
troops by the end of 2014, except for trainers who will assist Afghan forces and a small contingent of troops with a specific mission to combat al-Qaeda through counterterrorism operations NATO Chicago Summit: Troops withdrawal and longterm presence On 21 May 2012 the leaders of the NATO-member countries endorsed an exit strategy during the 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago. The NATO-led ISAF Forces will hand over command of all combat missions to COPY RIGHTS RESERVED TO KHAWAJA USAMA PVT LIMITED 3 Afghan forces by the middle of 2013, while shifting at the same time from combat to a support role of advising, training and assisting the Afghan security forces and then withdraw most of the 130,000 foreign troops by the end of December 2014. A new and different NATO mission will then advise, train and assist the Afghan security forces including the Afghan Special Operations Forces. Security handover and U.S. Suspension of Afghan Local Police forces training The U.S. is set to hand over responsibility for security to local Afghans by 2014, and efforts are underway to draw down U.S. forces, but US President Barack Obama has not specified a date for the withdrawal of all American troops from the country. President Obama said on 1 September 2012 that he had a "specific plan to bring our troops
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